We Are Blue Sky

We are champions for case managers helping adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead self-directed, meaningful, and inclusive lives. As a world-class team of social service professionals, we provide high-quality care to Medicaid members and families. And, our champion culture inspires case managers to flourish and perform their best contract work.

Blue Sky’s infuses unique value for case managers through the use of innovative, IT—enabled systems, which aid in the delivery of person-centered outcomes. These streamlined systems are designed to enhance daily operations for contractors to better enjoy a proper blend of work-life balance.

Who We Need

We are a world-class case management agency comprised of distinguished social service professionals. In fact, we draw our strength from the breadth and excellence of our INDUSTRY STAR — THE CASE MANAGER.

Blue Sky contracts experienced case managers, who courageously challenge the status quo and fight to enhance the lives of Medicaid members! Our culture inspires others to stand for a cause and get the tough jobs done with zest and energy. We value honesty and standing up for others against threats, challenges, difficulty, and suffering. Risk taking is considered as both desirable and courageous for us!

What We Offer

Incentive packages
We look forward to talking to you about “Owning Your Own Contract Business" with Blue Sky. Our incentive package, includes: being an essential member of a High-Quality and Caring Culture; Simplified billing processes to accelerate Pay-for-Performance Payments; Client File and IT-Transition Services; and, Paperless Toolkits for 24/7 access and increased efficiency. Blue Sky eagerly supports experienced case managers to grow professionally, while attracting lucrative financial outcomes.

We’d Love to Chat with You

We are passionate about supporting our case managers to help Medicaid members — people with intellectual and developmental disabilities — to lead self-directed, meaningful, and inclusive lives. We look forward to talk with you about contracting with our growing and innovative team of social service professionals. Please fill in the form below, or give us a call at 502.354.3348 or, email: admin@blueskyky.com.