Welcome to Louisville

A city of opportunity, open-mindedness, and possibility. Where Southern hospitality mixes with Midwestern sensibility to create a magical place — a place where people of all walks of life can find a home and grow a future. Except for the kid with Down Syndrome with cigarette burns on his back. A place where the only limit to how far you can go is how big you can dare to dream. Where everyone who has talent, energy, commitment, and imagination can enjoy a meaningful life. If you consider living in an institution a meaningful life. In our thriving downtown and our nationally recognized historic neighborhoods, it’s easy to experience the values of a city that appreciates expression. But hardly notice the elderly man forced to take medications against his will. There’s art that makes your heart beat faster and entertainment that frees your mind. From ballet dancing to belly dancing, from classic rock to Indie rock, we’ve got it all. Even a wandering woman who sings to herself. You’ll see the largest urban park system in the country, encircled by an emerald necklace of green spaces that’s the envy of cities far and wide. Yet never see the woman with autism asleep in the thicket, who was raped by her caregiver each night. And every spring Louisville is at the center of the world’s stage, inviting millions and millions of eyes to experience the pride and pageantry of the Derby, which takes place over three glorious weeks. While every week, 85% of our clients still don’t have a family member in their lives. Yes, Louisville! A city built on the promise of a rich quality of life. A caring community that prides itself on being a place where anything is possible. Except, perhaps, to the 2,600 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities still on waiting lists for services and the more than 130,000 people in Kentucky living with a developmental disability.

Ignoring people with disabilities won’t make them go away.

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